How do you buy & sell your current home at the same time ?

It’s officially the spring market in the South Shore !


Let’s face it, buying or selling a home can be extremely stressful, and even overwhelming, especially if trying to do both at the same time. The good news is with a little proactive planning, the process can become more manageable and less stressful.  Start by creating an overall plan with these few simple tips. You will be pleasantly surprised at how a little organization goes a long way!

Tips for Selling and Purchasing a Home at the same time.
Pack Ahead of time:  The good news is that because you’re planning to move any way. Before you list your home for sale, why not start packing.  By taking personal items and excess furnishings and packing them up not only will your home look larger and neater, you are getting a start on the
move. It’s a great idea to rent a storage space and move everything you are keeping that is not a necessity.


Stay organized

Start by purchasing must have supplies, like clear storage bins, labels and sharpies. The clear bins are ideal because even though you think you will remember what you put in that odd shaped cardboard box from Amazon, chances are you won’t. Make sure to use a title on each label like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and list most of the contents.  This makes it so much easier on the day of the move and unpacking.


Declutter and Donate

First make some space to declutter.  Maybe in a basement or garage, so the rest of your life can stay organized. You can even use extra folding tables and start placing sorted items on them,  donate and storage. Once you fill the table, pack it up and then repeat. Packing in smaller doses is much more manageable, and can be taken to storage once you have a few bins labeled and ready to go. The donation items can be put in trash bags or assorted boxes and also dropped off in smaller loads. Where to donate the South Shore has great Donation centers Salvation Army Family Store Hanover Savers 



Finally, and most importantly,  use a reliable, and experienced REALTOR and make sure your agent, understand the timeline and requirements. There are many standard contingencies which can protect you from owning two homes at once, or none at all. Not only can the purchase of your new home be contingent on successfully closing on your current one but you can also reverse the process and ensure you find a replacement before the close as well.
Finally, get the entire family involved. Be excited about the change and create a moving plan in which everyone has a task and there is a plan for the move itself. By utilizing these steps and being proactive, making a big move can be successful and less stressful for everyone involved.


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